About me and my online trading adventure

Awesome, you found my blog! This is where I share my experiences in the wonderful world of online trading.

Mark de Vries
Yes that’s me behind that beard

My name is Mark and not so long ago I was a cubicle dweller with a terribly boring job. I have always been interested in stocks and financial markets, but I never tried to actually trade them or play the markets.

Office Space
Great movie by the way (Office Space)

Baby steps with demo account

Until one day I came across an advertisement that said that you could start trading with a demo account. Out of boredom and curiosity I created an account and started playing around with it.

It took me a couple of hours to find out how everything worked, but within a day I figured out the basics and I could place my first orders with play money.

I fell in love..

You could say that I had a new addiction. From that moment on I was under the spell of trading. I read everything I could about trading and investing. I was like a sponge. In the meantime I continued to trade with my demo account and I got better at it.

My trading strategy

After many hours of trading with play money and a thousand different methods, I slowly started developing my own trading strategy. I’m not going to claim that I reinvented the wheel, but the way I trade now is profitable for me.

Sold everything to become a full-time trader and world traveler

After I quit my job, I went a step further. I sold my house in The Netherlands (yes that’s where I’m from, so don’t be a grammar nazi please) and almost all my stuff. Now everything I own fits in a carry-on backpack. Some clothing, my laptop with accessories and that’s it.

In that respect, I am a bit of an outsider. No Lamborghini’s and expensive watches for me. 

I have opted for the freedom of a minimalist nomad existence.

Do not get me wrong; I still love the good things in life. I like single malt whisky, vintage wine, good food and of course traveling. So I spend my money on that, instead of buying more stuff.

Best decision ever! 🙂

Blog about online trading

If the market moves slowly, the life of a trader can be pretty boring. That is the main reason I started this blog. And of course it’s also a great way to share my experiences with online trading to hopefully make you a better trader.

Check out my trading strategies and guides and don’t hesitate to ask questions or comment.

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