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Follow the links below to navigate through my free trading course. I created 12 posts that outline my basic trading strategy and how I approach the markets.

This strategy has been working for me for years, but of course that’s no guarantee it will work for you. Trading is NOT easy and you can lose all your money. Always practice on a demo account first. If you don’t have one yet, click the link below.

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78,3% of retail CFD accounts lose money

Stay safe! ❤

  1. What is price action trading? The basis of my trading strategy
  2. How to read candlesticks. All traders must learn this
  3. 3 Phases of price movement. Trends, ranges and transitions
  4. Candles are price. Nothing more and nothing less
  5. Indecision candles. Spotting indecisiveness in the market
  6. Highs and Lows. From short story to the big picture
  7. Support and resistance. Why price stalls and bounces
  8. How to draw support and resistance zones on your chart
  9. Rules and tips for drawing support and resistance zones
  10. My reversal strategy. Profit when price changes direction
  11. Entries, stops and targets. Trading framework
  12. Risk to reward ratio and win rate. No need to win all the time

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments on that specific post. If it’s general stuff feel free to comment below.

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